The first project in this class was to design and build a cutting board after being given a set amount of wood. I chose to do a charcuterie board with a slightly mismatched pattern to the grain, as I wanted it to be simple at first glance, but have slightly hidden complexities. This was my first time working with wood in 3 years, and it was the first time where I had to create something functional, and not just for an art piece.
Our second project was open-ended — I chose to use pine and acrylic to create a playful coffee table. I took inspiration from where I currently was in my life, an age where one is still young and playful, but wants to be fully considered an adult. I ultimately tried many new techniques to end up with the final product. The only rules in this project were that we had to use the CNC router, and the final product had to be made up of at least 4 pieces.

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